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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Nanomachines, Gene Therapy, and... Stem Cells Cure Paralysis?!

New Indian Press has an article out that discusses how nanomachines, gene therapy, and stem cells will one day be combined to treat human diseases. It's a good article, but it includes an example of an umbilical cord stem cell transplant that supposedly helped a Korean woman, Hwang Mi-Soon, stand again (with braces for assistance) after 19 years of paralysis. Many Pro-Life groups jumped on this as proof that embryonic stem cells are not necessary to cure paralysis.

However, they all failed to read the full study and report accurately on it. Hwang Mi-Soon's spinal cord appeared to be compressed prior to the transplant, which is enough to induce paralysis by itself. A laminectomy was performed during the surgery, which may have decompressed her spinal cord.

The laminectomy makes it impossible to tell whether the stem cells were what helped her. The study, while positive, is far from conclusive. Until more surgeries are performed, using this study to say adult stem cells have cured paralysis is false.

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At October 31, 2005 4:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have seen paraplegics stand and even take steps when in braces and walkers..parallel bars..and crutches. These were spinal cord injured youth..and polios.
BUT never either doing this without the effort of the bracing and support.

I do feel deeply that the genetics, nanomachine and STEM cells will ultimatley regenerate the injured parts of the spinal cord and many other parts of the body.

If any readers are under 40 work for this as hard as you can..don't let the establishment stop any and all research into this type of regenerative therapies.

If you do..then you will wait and wait for something that may not be there. This is the time..DO IT!

The churches will tell you it can't be done due to whatever they can think of. They need us to be in business. They really do..always have. Either to show false cures or to gather revenue by falsely stating they give a shit about..or using you as an example of what the devil has in store for those that don't follow their rules.

All BS.

We old polios were born too soon and ultimately will die too soon..but you OWE it to us to witness a regenerative cure for paralysis..and the injured not diseased spinal cord is the best
climate to do this..now do it. I mean it. DO IT..

You didn't get polio and become paralyzed because we did and a vaccine was found..now it's your turn to show the next miracle and WE want to see it..so hurry up.


At November 08, 2005 6:07 AM, Blogger Steven said...


No worries. I, too, believe that everything mentioned will come together and cure paralysis.

But the article suggested a cure was already here, using umbilical cord blood stem cells. That is what I took issue with.



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