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Monday, August 01, 2005

Family Research Council Report on Adult Stem Cell Pluripotency

This is a good thing. The Family Research Council has released a "Fact Sheet" listing a few studies that have shown stem cells derived from bone marrow, pancreas, umbilical cord, amniotic fluid, and possibly the bloodstream have the potential to transdifferentiate into other types of cells. If more people focus on promoting this and getting this research funded appropriately (in the $100 million per year range), we can put to rest the entire embryonic stem cell debate.

Representative Roscoe's bill, HR. 3144, only allocates $15 million per year for research into the proposed alternatives. With the incoming taxes shaving $94 billion more than expected from the deficit, I think it is reasonable to expect that Congress can spend $100 million per year on research that will not only save numerous embryos from being destroyed, but will significantly improve the quality of life for those suffering spinal cord injuries while serving our country in Afghanistan and Iraq and the other 250,000+ spinal cord injured persons currently living in the United States.